31 March, 2013

Humanity's Last Game

The Challenge

This year's Game Design Challenge task (an event of the Game Developer Conference) was to design humanity's last made game - to reflect challenge takes place for the very last time.

The winner, a handcrafted tabletop-game, titled A Game for Someone was the only non-software contribution. However not only to be made of titanium and included with game instruction in form of nine pictogramms, its creator Jason Rohrer also buried it (in an endurable glass cylinder) somewhere in the nowhere of Nevada. Of course not without geocoding its location and inserting it into a collection of about one million different coordinates, which he handed out at conference.

The Conclusion

So, what have we learned from that? It takes 2786 years to explore all possible dig sites if you do one a day. Plus, when finally found one day (in the far future) we might face the next Voynich manuscript as one heise-online user pointed out...

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