23 September, 2012

Creating motionride footage

immortal arts, a Vienna based CG company recently produced an impressive fly-over animation for a motionride attraction, hosted in Vienna's theme park Prater. On the company's website you will find a Making-Of where producers reveal details of the creation process along the challenges they had to face.

If you like such kind of animations also have a look at Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time, another motionride whose digital effects were made by CG pioneer Digital Domain.

22 September, 2012

How to name your kitten

The story so far

Due to feline circumstances I recently developed a strong interest in cat names. Because Internet is made of cats I decided to give web a try in the quest of finding a decent cat name.

Current favorites

It took some time but here is my best of cat names, if you like feel free and post some of your suggentions.
  • Fellvetica
  • Paw Wow
  • Scratchex
  • Fritz
  • Karma
  • Bonaparte
  • Catflix

The final decision has to be made in the next weeks in the mean time have your daily portion at Kittens ahoy.